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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  December 17, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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time to say good morning to allison. she and will will take you through the next couple of hours. >> nice to see you, will. >> see you at 9:00. >> coming up on fox 5 morning news, the region saw several inches of snow in the area. we are still seeing plenty of closings and delays this morning. there could be more snow in the forecast. weather and traffic just moments away. if you are headed to the bus stop or metro station this morning, give yourself an little extra time. -- yourself a little extra time. you will have searches of bags and carry-on. live with more on what you need to know and why it is being done. it was a late night on capitol hill, but the bush-era tax cuts were extended by congress during a midnight vote. the 2,000-page funding bill got pulled. fox 5 morning news starts right now.
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it is friday, december 17, 2010. a live look outside this morning. across our region, are you waking up -- you are waking up to the leftovers of the snow storm. i'm will thomas. yes. it is me from the evening shows. >> i'm allison seymour. i'm happy that you are here today. schools across the region are playing it safe allowing more crews to get on top of the roads. others have a three-day weekend. you will find all of the closures at the top of the screen and then on the link is on the home page. >> a lot of kids going yes. >> yes. >> let's get a check of weather. that is what we are doing right now. a lot of snow on the ground. it looks like, tucker, it will not clear up for a while. >> not for the next couple of hours. good morning, al soon, in the teens and low 20s.
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more sunshine and lighter winds and highs in the mid-30s with natural snow melt going later today. 26 degrees at reagan international airport. frederick is at 19. martinsburg, 9 degrees. you get the idea of cold temperatures. fredericksburg at 25. a cold start to the day. today will be a nice day today. temperatures will be below where they should be. we will have more and more sunshine. with high temperatures in the low 30s, you should feel better. yesterday's highs were in the 20s. there is the satellite/radar. some cloud cover working through. the trend is more and more sunshine as the day progresses. a nice and quiet afternoon. here is the forecast. we will go mostly sunny this afternoon. 35 in washington. 32 in fredericksburg. we will get a chance to melt off the snow. the weekend is interesting. we are looking at the coastal
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storm. i'll have details on that and the potential of the white stuff for sunday. back to the desk. thank you. we will get a check of the roads in a moment. let's check on what is going on outside now. >> paul is live in fairfax with the look at the icy conditions. how does it look, paul? >> reporter: good morning. where i am, it looks good. we are off of 50 and the roads are looking clear. traffic is moving along. only a little snow in the turning lanes. sidewalks are a different story. there is plenty of snow. we got some video of someone actually shoveling a sidewalk earlier today. one thing that we noticed was that there is almost a level of ice within the snow. that is something you need to be careful about when you are walking on sidewalks. side streets in this area have not been touched. instead of plowed streets, the snow is packed down and slick.
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we talked to one person who was unimpressed with it. >> they are not as good as i expected after last winter. it is a bit of snow, but it is fine. just packed down. >> reporter: i think one of the big comparisons is the snow now to the big snow last year. will and allison, you can appreciate one road that is plowed is a drive through at one of a very well known coffee shop in the area. >> are you talking about starbucks. >> reporter: i'm not naming names. >> i will. i noticed on the way to work that i was going to hit starbucks. they not open at 4:00 in the morning. >> no. >> thank you, paul. we will check in with you later. let's get the latest from julie wright and the commute. >> starbucks is not open at 4:00 a.m. you wonder how we do this.
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>> i am impressed every morning. i can watch from home and make my own, but coming into work, please someone make it for me. >> exactly. the crew from sky fox with us this morning is this crew. it is bone cold outside over georgia avenue. this is where the water main break is located. this is southbound georgia avenue. this is in the direction of the capitol beltway. the crew is out there. the left side of the road is blocked off. we may have activity along the right side. we are concerned with the water main break about icy conditions. be careful southbound along georgia avenue. we will go back inside and update your ride elsewhere at the inner loop of the beltway from connecticut avenue and old georgetown road headed by the accident scene. that is where we have the crash that was tying up all but the right side of the road. the delays at old georgetown road.
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a 20-minute ride on the inner loop at bethesda trying to work down to the exit there at georgia avenue and over to coldsville road. an accident at i-95 and laurel at 198. you are going to find the slowdown before old georgetown to georgia avenue. the salt truck is in place on the inner and outer loop of the beltway. in virginia at 395 northbound from duke street, we have delays in the hov lanes. no accidents to report right now on 66. heavy volume in manassas. that is a check of the fox 5 on time traffic. thank you. for the latest updates on traffic and weather and school closings, delays, you can go to our web site at you will find all of the links on the home page. we will post updates on facebook and twitter for you, too. you will find information on
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where to find those pages on a big story we are following this morning. changes to metro security. they will now be checking your bags. sherri ly is live in arlington with more on what you can expect. good morning, sherri. >> reporter: good morning. these random searches of bags start immediately. if you are riding, your bags could be searched. you won't know when or where they will do it. we have had arrests recently involving terrorist threats general the metro system, metro police say these searches are not due to any particular threat. officers will randomly swap backpacks and packages. bomb sniffing dogs will be used to check for explosive
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materials. anything is subject to searches. officials are assisting metro with the security measures. officers will conduct the measures at the station before you go through the turn styles. there will be no need to open your bags in most cases, but metro says police will only open and reach into the bags if the canine or other detection indicates a need too look inside. >> as long as it doesn't make people late for work, that is good. it may deter people from doing what is not right. >> i think it is fine. people are not to be trusted. ho, ho, ho, merry christmas. you cannot trust people. unfortunately. >> reporter: anyone who refuses the bag searches will not be allowed into metro stations or on the bus with their bags. transit systems in new york and boston are already doing this. met repolice say it is the
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unpredictability of the searches that is designed to throw off the bad guys. will. >> sherri ly, thank you. it is a done deal. income tax rates are not going up at the end of the year thanks to an an agreement in congress. doug luzader has the latest. >> reporter: the president may sign this deal into law today extending the bush-era tax cuts for another two years. at the same time, a massive spending bill ran into a wall. you may not like the prospect of filling out tax forms, but you will know what you will pay. >> the motion is adopted. >> reporter: the house last night signed off on a deal to extend the tax cuts that president bush enacted in his first term. it passed, but not without last- minute drama. >> this is a bad deal. it will not create the jobs we
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could create for a smaller price tag. >> reporter: democrats did not like the idea of extending tax cuts to the wealthy. many of the republicans did not like the spending attached. including 13 months of long- term unemployment insurance. the president backed it. house speaker nancy pelosi voted against it. democrats did not fare better in the senate. where republicans threatened to force the clerk to read every word of a 1900 page spending bill loaded with ear marks. >> they want to ram this $1 trillion bill through congress. they are using the christmas break as an inducement to vote for it. >> reporter: in the end, democrats backed down. so as it stands on saturday, the federal government could simply run out of money. before that happens, congress will agree on a temporary funding measure to keep the government operating for a
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short period of time. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. 7:11. 20 degrees outside. do you have goose bumps? i do. coming up, the incoming mayor will announce who will lead the district's departments. it has controversy. that story is just ahead. all that snow we saw forced the redskins to move practice indoors. dave ross will have the latest on how this effects the matchup with the cowboys. we will have weather and traffic updates after the break. you can find weather and traffic delays and closings on back in a moment.   
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. ♪ i'll have a blue ♪ christmas >> if you don't like that song, there is a problem. it is the king. time to add another ornament to the christmas tree. this star comes from joyce thomas. good morning, joyce. she sent us an ornament every year we have had our tree. she wishes everyone a merry christmas. thank you, joyce. we will donate our fully- decorated tree to a worthy charity before christmas. >> i like joyce's last name. >> are you related? >> i don't know. but good-looking ornament. >> a good-looking person if her name is thomas. >> thank you, allison. i should come to the mornings more often. >> that is what i'm trying to do. >> i tell tucker he is cute all the time. it is cold out there. temperatures are below freezing. any of the snow and ice that
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accumulated yesterday is refreezing and it is causing slippery roadways. let's go back to yesterday and snowfall accumulations. we are right on target. that was good news. 1-2". waldorf at 1-2". leesburg at 2.5". generally a pleasant snowfall. the temperatures were cold and it slowed down drivers on the roads. it could have been a lot worse. >> it was a little dicey, tuck. i did not think it would be a big deal. >> that is because of the cold temperatures. today is a brighter forecast. we should see sunshine and cloud cover. sunshine is building in this afternoon. we will focus on a storm system developing in the gulf of mexico for the weekend. that will trek right up the eastern seaboard. we thought it would go out to sea, but the models are
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suggesting it wants to pay a visit to washington. if it does so, it means a snow event on sunday. i want to stress maybe. the models have been all over the place on this for the last several days. we will give you updates on that as we get closer to sunday it -- sunday. it will be a storm. the question is how close to washington will it get. i guarantee clouds. >> does the storm produce snow? do we know this? >> i feel like i'm being interrogated. look at sunday's highs. it will be cold enough for a snow event in washington. it is a question of how close can we get that precipitation shield. the heavy is south and east of the city. we could see accumulating snow in washington. >> when you see these temperatures and you talk about snow, it means it will stick around. >> into early next week. low to mid-30s by monday and tuesday. it sets the stage for a
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beautiful christmas. >> and tough driving conditions. >> and a beautiful christmas. >> you will take the positive aspect. last hour i was trying to be positive about it all. it is good-looking, but hard to drive in it. >> take your time. julie wright has more on that. how is it looking? it is going to stick around for a while. who invited this kid to the show? here is the rule of the morning show. we refer to salt and sand when it is adult beverages on the beach. on the roads this morning, tieups. a crash on the inner loop. the crash is tying up the right side of the highway. delays. old georgetown road and georgia avenue is not a fun ride if you are traveling in montgomery county. southbound 95, they were checking for the crash at 198. watch out for the fire and rescue. to the cameras on the inner loop commute. this is inching along from old
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georgetown road to georgia avenue before you break free. outer loop with the slow down. 66 here with an incident here. traffic is squeezing by. that is a check of the fox 5 on time traffic. mayor elect vince gray is sticking with police chief kathy leiner at a news conference. she had an 80% approval rating to reappoint her. the decision is not without controversy. we have paul wagner on why the union is not happy with the move. >> she has been a success in addressing issues of crime in the district of columbia. frankly, i spent an hour and a half with the chief in the recent past. we had a great conversation. a lot of it was not only about
7:20 am
crime fighting, but our respective views of the city and respective views of the children and juvenile justice. all of those issues that impinge upon crime in the district. >> reporter: she was just 29 years old when she was picked to be top cop. four years later, she sees the homicide rate continue to fall. overall crime is down as well. >> we have done a lot better at being more efficient because of technology. we have done a lot better at reducing our response times. the challenge is to keep going that way. >> reporter: she says she plans to keep in place her most high- profile and controversial crime fighting tactics. >> it is effective. >> reporter: a crime fighting strategy, the police union has
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been fighting for years. the fop endorsed vincent gray for mayor, they are not happy with his choice for chief. >> if he came to the top 20 and asked to be endorsed -- he did not do that. you know, we have become used to this. >> reporter: at the same news conference, the mayor appointed paul quander and ervin nathan. >> thatwass paul wagner reporting. keith eller -- ellerbyhas beenn
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taking a tax deduction in the district for his home on alabama avenue in southeast. mayor elect gray says he was aware of the deduction, but believes he will correct it. 25 degrees outside. approaching 7:22 this morning on this friday. remember when more than 1,000 people got stuck on a marc train? what a mess. it was blistering summer temperatures last june. the report is out about what went wrong. it is the end of the road for a television icon. who showed up for larry king's last show on cnn. we have holly morris at the uso in for the myer. we will check in with holly coming up later this hour.   
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the rail system is marked with flaws. maryland transit says the report says the failures happened at multiple levels. some of those include passengers who were not well informed and crews were more focused on fix the the train that day and helping passengers. many were stuck in the heat without air conditioning for two hours. larry king has said farewell for the last time. he has been with cnn since the beginning and has been a staple on cable television for a quarter of a century. the 77-year-old announced last summer he would be leaving. he is not completely done with cnn. he will do four specials a year for the network. it is not clear what his future
7:27 am
holds. >> it is not time for him to hang the suspenders up. he has time to spend with the family at 77. he has young kids. we will get the latest weather and traffic updates here on fox 5 morning news. >> closings and delays are at the top of the screen. 7:26. stay with us. i'm major eric wine in baghdad, iraq. i would like to say hi to my family and friends in maryland and say hello to my dad in silver spring. i hope you have a happy thanksgiving and wonderful christmas. love you. 
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7:30 on this friday morning. it was a late night on capitol hill as the bush-era tax cuts were extended by congress. it goes to president barack obama's desk to be signed. chris wallace joins us from capitol hill. chris, good morning. >> good morning. >> the tax plan passed 277-148. i imagine as you book the show, you are hearing from people who like the plan and people who do not. >> that is it was a done deal w president and senate republicans made this deal. of course, the flip side of it
7:31 am
was if you do nothing, then everybody gets a tax increase at the beginning of the year when the bush-tax cuts lapse. the republicans when they take over the house were going to pass the extension and get credit for lowering people's taxes. house democrats did not have much leverage. they could huff and puff, but they had to cave. >> who is on the show this sunday? >> it is a done deal and it is going to the president's desk. there is a continuing fight in the senate. that is the action between now and the end of the year in the lame-duck. what will they do about spending and don't ask, don't tell. we will have two of the top senate leaders. dick durbin will be with us and jon kyl. we will talk about health care.
7:32 am
we have the big health care ruling that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. we will talk to bob mcdonald about that. >> the congress has its hands full. chris, thank you for getting up this morning. >> thank you. >> you can watch "fox news sunday" here on fox 5 at 9:00 a.m. after fox 5 morning news. for the latest political headlines, go to click on the politics tab. you will see it on the home page. we have been showing you gorgeous pictures all morning. this is another one sent in. we appreciate that. >> gurvir dhindsa popped out before she starts the 8:00. she says the sunrise was gorgeous. this is evidence. look at that. >> this is live. i thought this was a picture. >> she is good. >> it looks like a post card
7:33 am
picture. >> that live bug tells me it is happening right now. >> what a beautiful sunrise. this will be the theme around here. more sunshine than the last couple of days. that will contribute to snow melt. not right now. later today. >> a little help. >> it will help a lot. still cold out there this morning. i want to give you the head's up of the icy patches on the roads and sidewalk. you have to do the penguin walk for the next couple of hours. >> i try to dig my heels? >> i heard you say the penguin walk. i walked to the gym in the snow yesterday. it was a penguin walk. you are going like this so you don't fall. i said i need better traction on my shoes. >> you have to be careful. let's go over the headlines this morning. the first headline is icy patches. look out here. temperatures below freezing. above freezing the next couple of days. by the afternoon today, we will
7:34 am
be back in the low to mid-30s. then again tomorrow. quickly our focus has to change now into the weekend. the possibility of a coastal storm still close. it is getting closer. that will be monitored. it could bring us snow on sunday. the realm of possibility is a dusting to flurries or a significant snow on sunday. my advice is stay tuned to the weather here. we will fine tune the forecast. 27 degrees at reagan. 21 in gaithersburg. 25 in annapolis. martinsburg, 15. were you 9 last hour -- you were 9 last hour. it will be touch and go for the next couple hours. a lot of sunshine. we are starting to see the sun break out. it will be a quiet day for us today. let's focus on the weekend. we go into the gulf of mexico
7:35 am
and it is typically these storms that cause problems to the mid-atlantic region. it is not even here yet. that is part of the problem. the models are having trouble handling the storm. it is forecasted to develop later today. it will trek up the eastern seaboard and out to sea. if it comes closer to the coastline, we have plenty of cold air overhead and we will have plenty of cold air over the weekend and we could have a snow event. any snow that falls will be heavy south and east of the city into southern maryland and lower eastern shore because of the bull's-eye will be more focused down there. mostly sunny skies and warmer today. 35 is the afternoon high. winds at 5 miles an hour. cold and 23 degrees. winds will be light. here is the five-day forecast. no problems tomorrow. 36. the question mark with the snow on sunday and how much we could
7:36 am
get. 33. we remain cold monday and tuesday. once the snow starts flying on sunday, these temperatures will quickly dip below freezing. we will see it sticking to area roads. that is the weather forecast. let's go to julie wright. this is southbound 95 approaching route 100. an accident off to the shoulder. traffic was temporarily blocked at 95 southbound while they move that to the shoulder. we have a lot of slow traffic to deal with this morning as you work along southbound 95 in from route 100. we will find delays on the inner loop of the beltway at old georgetown road and georgia avenue. the slow traffic that is on new york avenue at 4th street over to 5th street. there is an accident and that is what is tying up the right side of the highway. for you traveling along
7:37 am
southbound 95, the accident at route 100. it is off to the shoulder. a 10-minute ride from 95 to route 100. finally cleared on the inner loop at georgia avenue. commuters are saying it is an hour commute as you work around from old georgetown road to the accident scene. that is the traffic. for the latest updates on traffic and weather and school closings and delays, you can check the top of your screen or when you get to work, go to our web site at you will find all of the links on our home page. we will post updates on facebook and twitter. you will find information on where to find those pages on u.s. counterterrorism officials are tracking terror threats during the holiday season. iraqi intelligence agents
7:38 am
captured insurgents who said al- qaeda is planning to attack targets in the united states or europe. the u.s. official familiar with the matter confirmed the threats are credible. >> there has been no question there is an increase threat stream over the last few months. >> it is not going back to the strength it had three or four years ago, but it is not dead yet. we should not discount the threat. >> the fbi and homeland security are alerting state and law enforcement to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior and regularly change security measures. 25 degrees. 7:38. up next on fox 5 morning news, the latest chapter in the albert haynesworth saga. this is going on and on. >> it is time to take on the cowboys for the rest of the team. dave ross has the friday football forecast. that includes a snow-covered redskins park. stay with us.
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we'll be right back. wa
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albert haynesworth. we are talking about al. he is not going quietly. the players association filed a grievance on behalf of him. he is looking to get back $847,000 of his lost salary. let that sink in. the salary loss was a result of the december 7th suspension. one of haynesworth's many beefs with the franchise was to refuse to speak to mike shanahan. >> that is the lost salary. >> the money he already lost. >> that is like coffee money. >> i guess. it is a different world. >> as you can see, dave ross is on deck. he will talk more about the redskins facing off with dallas. >> if you look at the records, that is the case. the cowboys are upswing. redskins are on a downswing. joe gibbs never liked the
7:43 am
indoor practice bubble. he had a quote. "never no bubble." itiss not grammatically correct. yesterday, a blanket of snow covered the field at redskins park forcing the team to leave the practice facility and pile into their own cars and head inside to practice at lifetime fitness. i'm not making this up. the elements forced them to do this before. the redskins and bengals are the only northern teams without an indoor facility. >> we will get that resolved in the future. it is not perfect right now. we would like it better. we are working on it for the future. >> there are a lot of guys in the locker room who are trying not to drive. he would be weighted down. no experience. you know it would be like
7:44 am
having chains on your wheels. an extra 300 and blank, blank pounds. >> that is chris having fun with his fellow lineman who is a slim and trim 365 pounds. some would say it is not as it once was. i think that is debatable. sunday marks the 100th time these two teams faceoff. dallas as won the first 99. that is darryl green. vintage going back with dexter manly in the end zone. could you imagine doing your aerobics and here come the redskins at lifetime fitness? >> i love that. >> one other thing. breaking news in the fox 5. tony romo is not playing on sunday. he is engaged to miss missouri. >> he works fast.
7:45 am
he could not have been dating her a year. >> he is moving fast. he has a broken collarbone. >> dave ross, thank you. >> congratulations. stay with fox 5 for the latest on the redskins match up with the cowboys. our coverage starts on sunday at 11:00. you can get the latest by going to tucker is still stuck on miss missouri. >> i have to see pictures. >> they will be coming. i'm sure. >> the picture outside? a lot of white. >> nice sunrise out there. as we get into the afternoon hours, temperatures jump up to 32. light winds and sunshine. a nice afternoon with temperatures in the 30s. not a bad-looking forecast. it is below freezing here in washington. 27 at last look. humidity at 57%. winds will be lighter than the last couple of days from the north at 8 miles an hour. looking at our satellite/radar. not much to talk about.
7:46 am
our clipper system is well offshore. our next focal point is on the gulf of mexico. you can see rain showers in atlanta. we will watch a new storm system develop up there and trek up the eastern seaboard for the weekend. that will able close call for the washington area on sunday and sunday afternoon. we have the potential for a winter weather event. there is the five-day forecast. no problems today and tomorrow. a lot of sunshine. lots of clouds on sunday. could be a period of snow. accumulating snow on sunday. monday and tuesday, mid-30s. >> it is funny. it is that time of year where we are excited about being over 32 degrees. >> 35, this is great. >> it will be awesome. >> thank you, tucker. >> santa will have 5 and 10- year-olds. they are home today. thank you. we will get a check of the
7:47 am
roads with julie wright standing by. a lot of ice still out there. >> black ice especially on the ramps along 270 and hov lanes. be prepared for the slowdowns. this is the beltway at university boulevard. remember, the inner loop is slow from old georgetown road with an accident on the shoulder. that was an hour trip. you tack on the other incident east of university boulevard and we have a good hour back up at bethesda toward college park. still on the brakes here at 95 to route 100. lanes are open east 66 as you continue to work inbound this morning leaving the beltway. 4th street to 5th street, an accident in the left lane. that is the check of on time
7:48 am
traffic. thank you. allison said it. it is holly time. anytime of the year you would agree it is a great time to support our troops. >> it takes on a special meaning during the holidays. holly, good morning. >> reporter: it is a happy holiday for our troops thanks to the uso. we are live this morning at the uso center at joint base myer henderson hall. we will talk about the christmas programs they have and all of the people that support the uso. we will talk to someone firsthand who has benefited from the holiday programs they have. it is all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.   you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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the holiday season is a great time to honor our troops and help the ones in need. >> holly morris is at the uso
7:52 am
center in fort myer. holly, good morning. >> reporter: it is good to have you on the morning show. >> it is good to be here. i wake up with you so often, it is nice to talk to you. >> reporter: there are two starbucks that are open 24 hours. you need to talk to the seasoned coffee professional. >> i shall do that. >> reporter: the next time you can get the brew before you come in. we are talking about holidays with the troops. it is important, obviously, we need to give back to those who are giving of themselves. we are here at the uso center at joint myer henderson hall. crystal is the communications manager here. happy holidays. you have been busy bees. i think santa can learn a thing or two. >> probably. >> reporter: talk about the programs you provide. >> we have a holiday program from thanksgiving with a gift
7:53 am
basket program and adopt a military child where we get wish lists and match up donors. we have a big celebration christmas party for them. we do cooking with them. >> reporter: talk about the holiday party for a second. party planners could take a tip. they make it a winter wonderland. >> we change the room over. we have an elf workshop and mrs. claus and santa claus and face painting. health net sponsors that. it is amazing. >> reporter: there is more. let's talk about the trees. >> we work with ba systems during the holiday season to provide free christmas trees for 100 military families. they stepped it up again and provided 50 pre-lit trees for wounded warriors at bethesda naval hospital. >> reporter: this is a special place. >> this is our uso center honor guard lounge. we just reopened this lounge in
7:54 am
september. it was completely remodeled. it is a fabulous facility for the troops in the dc area. a lot of the honor guard works out of henderson hall. we have some of the air force honor guard with us this morning before they go out to do a ceremony. >> reporter: obviously, this is the uso's mission. what difference do you believe the uso makes? >> it is our goal to thank the troops. it is a stressful time. the holidays are stressful if you are experiencing a deployment. it is nice to be able to give back and say thank you to the military families who do so much. >> reporter: it is one thing for crystal to say it, but it is another thing for someone who has benefitted from the amazing programs you have. that is where the united states air force staff sergeant nicki
7:55 am
cox comes in. tell us about the programs. >> i was able to go out and buy all kinds of things for the thanksgiving meal. my son went to a holiday party. >> reporter: how old? >> 11. he came home with a huge smile on his face and bags of things. he had fun and a picture with santa. it was great. i got a tree. i was able to decorate it. they provided lights and christmas bowls. >> reporter: i know you are a single parent. every parent wants to give their child the most amazing christmas. how does this make such a difference in your holiday and what you are able to create with your children? >> i am able to have christmas with my kids. i don't have to worry about budgeting the money for the
7:56 am
tree or thanksgiving food. both of my children are part of the adopt a military kids. i can go out and buy them presents with the gift cards. it is stress free. >> reporter: you know what? as stress free as possible. you know what? no one deserve it is more than the -- no one deserve de-- deserves it more than the people who serve our country. thank you for what you do. you heard about the programs and they can only do that if you support them. we have a link to the uso's web site. we are going to talk more in the next hour. we have an inspirational story where a guy came up with his own program to help support our military families. you can do that too. back to you, will and allison.
7:57 am
>> i will hit you up for the starbucks locations. believe you me. coming up at 8:00, we will get the latest weather and traffic updates for you. >> closings and delays are at the top of the screen and on stay with us. we'll be right back. .
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we saw several inches of snow yesterday. it is time to see how well the roads are holding up. crews were working to keep the roads passible in washington d.c. and maryland and virginia. we are seeing closings and delays. could there be more snow in the forecast? if you are headed to the bus stop or metro station this morning, give yourself extra time. there will be searches of bags on metrorail and buses. we will have more on why it is being done. the end of the road for a television icon. we will let you know who showed up for larry king's last show on cnn. thank you for waking up
8:01 am
with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa. i hope you are up right now. >> i'm allison seymour. schools are closed today to get the roads cleared. you will find all of the delays and closures on the top of the screen and on >> i bet you some of the kids got up early today to see if their schools were closed. >> and went right back to bed. temperatures are below freezing overnight. kind of the hard freeze taking place. the sidewalks as well. you have to take it easy. more sunshine today will help melt the snow. temperatures are a few degrees above the freezing mark. that will help melt the snow. 27 at reagan. that is the warm spot. 21 in dulles. 21 in fredericksburg. 21 in hagerstown. a cold start to the day. today will be a little warmer.
8:02 am
i mentioned the sunshine and warmer temperatures. the winds will be breezy this morning, but things lighten up this afternoon. there is the satellite/radar. you can see the storm from last night has exited to the east. we have a mix of sun and clouds. more and more sun later today. improving forecast and that will give way to nice conditions later today and tonight. here is the forecast. 35 in washington. 34 in leonardtown. winchester, 31. with sunshine, we melt snow out to the north and west. we are talking about the possible weekend storm system. i'll have more details on that in a couple of minutes. thank you, tucker. >> we want to see what it is like outside. >> for that, we check in with paul live in fairfax. >> reporter: good morning. it is not that bad, but i wanted to show you what i have been talking about all morning. the side streets. this side street has not been
8:03 am
plowed yet. it creates a slippery and compacted snow mess. that is what we are dealing with for people leaving in their neighborhoods. the main artery right by route 50 is looking good. the traffic is slowing. no snow on the main lanes. just some snow in the turning lanes. we thought what better way to get tips about driving than the people who have already hit the roads. we talked to a few people around us. >> drive slow. there are patches of ice on the road. if it snows anymore, clean off the roof of your car. >> the main roads are clear. not a problem. give yourself plenty of distance and take it slow and easy in the neighborhoods. you will be fine. >> reporter: you think people are used to the snow after the blizzard last year? >> i don't think the normal people are at all. it is nothing of a snow. they got delays. that is crazy. come on. give me a break. anybody can drive in it.
8:04 am
>> reporter: i think the general consensus is this is nothing compared to last year. some people are used to it. people are going at a slow pace and carefully. two tips i'm giving people. wear your boots. it is a boot day. also make sure your windshield wiper fluid is full. a lot of stuff coming up from the roads. keep the windshield clean. back to you. >> i respectfully disagree with that fellow. it is tough for the school buses to get to where they need to go. thank you, paul. >> you are right. when i was driving in, i thought make sure the buses are okay. >> julie wright, how are the roads looking from all of the cameras? it is busy out there. we have a lot of traffic. it is stuck around the capitol beltway. this camera at university boulevard with the accident off to the left. the outer loop with a typical slowdown at 95 college park
8:05 am
headed to georgia avenue. the inner loop on the brakes. unfortunately, that is where we have the accidents. the crash at georgia avenue and university boulevard. this is the inbound commute from riverdale by way of route 50. southbound parkway at 450. a stalled car in the left lane. that is coming inbound headed to prince george's county hospital. you will see delays on new york avenue to 6th street northwest. two lanes tied up at that crash. busy commute and two accidents at montgomery county cleared. an hour back up right now leaving bethesda from old georgetown road trying to work around the accident scene at university boulevard. that is the check of your fox 5 on time traffic much. thank you. for the latest update -- traffic. thank you. for the latest on the traffic
8:06 am
and weather delays and school closings, go would -- go to we will update you on facebook and twitter. it is all on a big story we are following this morning. changes to metro security. the transit agency will check your bags. sherri ly is live with more from arlington. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these checks are bag searches which are completely random. that is the point. metro says the inspections will begin immediately. although riders we talked to say they have not seen any signs of this just yet. that is the point. you will not know when or where officers will be searching. anything that you carry on to metro on a train is subject to search. transit agencies in boston and new york already do this. metro police say this is not in
8:07 am
response to a particular threat. there have been recent arrests involving terror threats with metro. officers will be randomly checking backpacks and bags for hazardous materials. bomb sniffing dogs will be used to check for s. police will conduct the random searches inside and outside stations. metro says this is designed to throw off the bad guys. >> it will make them think about it. they may get searched. >> it is a good idea. >> why? >> because you never know. from day-to-day, you don't know what people will do. >> reporter: anyone who refuses the search will not be allowed into the metro station or on to a bus with their bag. the tsa which searches bags at
8:08 am
airports is assisting metro with the security measures. we are being told by metro police that it is unlikely that your bags will get opened up and searched. they will only be opening up bags or packages in them to search if the canine units or other detection devices give them a reason to look inside. that is the latest here in arlington. back to you. >> thank you, sherri. allison. the compromise on capitol hill. consider it an early holiday gift. the tax bill makes it through the house and senate, but not everyone is happy about it. >> reporter: a midnight vote in the house sends the tax bill to president barack obama. the house passed the bill 277- 148. it is an $801 billion 801 billion -- $801 billion package of tax
8:09 am
cuts. >> we are talking here about adding $858 billion to the deficit. that money is being borrowed from somebody. >> we went from the clinton tax rates to the bush tax rates. from that surplus of 20 million jobs created to 8 million jobs lost. we have a debt now that is approaching $14 trillion. with the passage of this bill, it will be approaching $15 trillion. >> reporter: democrats failed in one last bid to change the provision in the bill that was too general -- generous to the wealthy. >> this will deliver six times the benefit. >> reporter: the success of the bill could be a 2012 campaign chip for president barack obama. >> i think the president probably can feel good about this package being concluded at the end of the session. >> reporter: the senate on
8:10 am
wednesday passed the bill by an overwhelming 83-15 margin. the bill is on the way to president barack obama's desk. thank you. it is 8:10. straight ahead this morning, they say it is better to give than receive. although some of us have trouble with that. coming up, we find out ways we can give back during the holidays as well as all year. we will get the latest weather and traffic updates after the break. you can also find weather delays and closings on 
8:11 am
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in the world.
8:13 am
we are back at 8:13. a lot of you have been sending your photos in to us. check out dulles airport with the snow covering the runway. visibility is not very clear. this was sent in by ken. thank you. take a look at adrian. he is outside in germantown all
8:14 am
ready to play. he looks happy to be in the cold than most of the grown ups. we want to thank you for sending this in to us. we try to show as much as we can when we get snow like this. you can go to and find out how to send them there. you can go to facebook and twitter as well. >> no excuses not to send them to us. we turn things over to tucker because he has the forecast and the warm up factor. >> it is my favorite time of day. warm up factor. let's get down to business. i'm turning the honors back over to allison. >> that is a make -- that is a fake out. >> a long-time viewer sent in these hats. she designed with my girls in
8:15 am
minted -- mind for her company. you see sydney sporting the sydney. then the skyler and the spencer. isn't that cute? can i tell you they knitted these. their kids don't like to wear hats. thank you, marsha. >> i'm embarrassed because she sent me an e-mail. she was trying to find my address. she knitted hats for my girls. she cannot remember the names. i'll e-mail you back. >> they are cute. >> they are cute. >> i want a hat for me. how do i get a hat? >> is it okay if it is pink with bows on it? >> as long as it keeps me warm. >> get this, we are doing research. do you remember what occurred one year ago on sunday?
8:16 am
>> yes. >> what? >> was it the 17" of snow? >> as a matter of fact, it was, gurvir. >> i know because we got out just in time. it did not stop for two days. >> this sunday is the one-year anniversary of the big snowfall. this sunday, we have the possibility of a little more snow across the region. >> please don't tell me that. [jaws music plays] >> 28 degrees at reagan international. 24 in baltimore. 22 in ocean city. a cold start today. refreezing overnight. touch and go for the next couple of hours. temperatures in the mid-30s. the satellite/radar here with a few snow showers to the north up to pittsburgh. a little morning clouds and
8:17 am
sunshine building in this afternoon. let's focus on the next storm system in the gulf of mexico. here is the deal. it is a computer generated storm system. it will form later tonight. we are hoping it stays offshore to not impact our weather. it will curve closer to the coastline. that means we will have a lot of clouds around by sunday and the potential for a snow event during the day on sunday. greatest snow totals will be south and east of the city during the day on sunday. lower eastern shore will get the jackpot. temperatures will be cold enough. it will be an all-snow event here. the storm system has not developed yet. 35 this afternoon. there is the cloudiness and potential for snow on sunday. it will be cold next monday and tuesday. that is the forecast. let's go to julie wright with the traffic check.
8:18 am
it is slow going. you are going to wear a pink hat with flowers? >> yes. if that is what it takes. i'm done with the heels like that race. >> i love it. this is a commute in the northeast washington area at 450. a stalled car in place. the crash is inbound new york avenue. tying up the two right lanes. delays as you travel inbound on 50 from 202. that is a good 15-minute ride. for you on the top stretch of the beltway, it is a rough commute. two accidents at georgia avenue and university avenue. outer loop with a slow down at georgia avenue. southbound 270, all of this slow traffic is merging on the inner loop. from shady grove to the main line, it is slow down to the
8:19 am
exit for the inner loop. 66 coming in from fair oaks to 123, lanes are open here. that is the check of the fox 5 on time traffic. the holiday season is filled with opportunities to help others, but how do we get our kids involved and help them understand that christmas is not just about receiving gifts, but also an opportunity to give back. how do we continue to keep that spirit alive and well all year round? joining us with answers and helpful tips is robbie fox. robbie, good morning. happy holidays to you. >> let me ask the question here. if we get our kids in the mind set of helping others, how does that help all of us in the end? >> studies have shown that when children and adults are involved in helping others, it benefits our mental and physical health. when you are feeling the most
8:20 am
down in the dumps is when you should reach out to help others less fortunate because you get a physical and mental benefit from that. as a contributor helps us. we are giving a gift to the people we are giving to, but a gift to ourselves. >> we talk about this during the holidays and the kids wait for santa and christmas means gifts under the tree. how do you mold that mind set to have them think now is a time for me to give to others as well. what age do we do that? >> you can start when the kids are young. starting around home and helping out and doing for other family members. there are more opportunities. the toy for tots drive. you can take your child to pick out a toy and donate. this will go to someone who doesn't have as much under the tree. >> start at home. think local.
8:21 am
pick activities that fit your child's skills. consider a family service vacation. that is what we are trying to do. >> everything we do as parents, our actions speak louder than words. when they see us doing the little things to help people as well as the big things, our children are inclined to do that. >> you recently wrote an article for "washington parent" magazine. you talk about this. you talk about ways to get started if you are watching at home. you think you don't know where to start. do you give some guidance there as far as how to get involved? >> there are so many web sites. network for good. bond for match. fairfax volunteers. you can plug in your child's age or location and interests. animals or environment or working with elderly people. food and shelter programs.
8:22 am
you can type in that information. >> i would think that it may be age appropriate. some things may be better suited for the younger child. >> absolutely. the organizations will say not appropriate for underages or needs adult chaperoning. doing something as a family can do so much in building a sense of spirit. >> we are showing the web sites that can get you started. we want to encourage you to go our our web site at all of -- go to our web site at all of these are there. coming up on january 17th, it is a good day. a day of service. >> absolutely. martin luther king day is a day of service. and earth day is a day for great activities to get involved. >> i know you are with the organization in kensington.
8:23 am
there are unique things that the kids are doing that we can tell the viewers? >> we have an event in march where kids ages 4-10 can come and learn life skills. they are taught by teenage volunteers. they are learning how to answer the phone and take a phone message and up to repairing drywall. the kids enjoy it. they come out and thinking they are capable. the teenagers feel great. they are viewed as experts by the kids. they come out thinking they are more capable. it is a wonderful event. you can find out about it at >> robbye fox, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> happy holidays to you and your family. thank you. in the spirit of giving back, this is a great time to honor our troops. holly morris is at the uso
8:24 am
center in fort myer. we will check in with her later this hour. and our facebook fan of the day is amanda cage. you may get your wish on sunday for more snow. if you want to be monday's fan of the day, find us on facebook and searching you can post a comment under amanda's photo. our goal is to have 10,000 fans by the end of the year. we need fewer than 300 to meet that goal. stay with us. we'll be right back.
8:25 am
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8:27. larry king has signed off for the last time capping 25 years in broadcasting. the cnn host pulled the curtain down last night. he said he would be leaving last summer. he was once the dominant voice in cable television news, but has faded among a sea of television talkers. there are a lot of them out there. >> yes. >> he will never ever be forgotten. he marks television history. good job. >> we will get the latest on weather and traffic updates next on fox 5 morning news. >> we are the closings and delays are at the top of the screen and you can find them on stay with us. we'll be right back. what can i get you?
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%c1 it is time to add another ornament to our christmas tree. this ornament comes to us from the dc fire department. one of the firefighters made it. they dropped it off yesterday. we want to thank you dc fire and ems. thank you for everyone who has sent in ornaments. >> that is a nice ornament. >> they are nice. >> i'm amazed at what people do to take the time and write a special story about what they mean to them. great. >> i love it. tuck, what is happening? >> it is cold out there. we have icy patches across the
8:32 am
area. sidewalks throughed. the sun will -- sidewalks included. the sun will do its job a bit. mother nature pitching in. that is important. we need all the help we can get. headlines this morning, icy patches out there as mentioned. we warm up later this afternoon and again tomorrow. into the mid-30s. actually, for a change, temperatures are a couple of degrees above freezing. still not where they should be. we have a coastal storm this weekend. it will be a close call. it could bring us snow on sunday. best chance south and east of the city. lower eastern shore is the jackpot with this one. it looks like an all snow event. temperatures will be cold the next couple of days. 28 at reagan. 23 in gaithersburg. we are doing better with the sunshine out there.
8:33 am
quantico at 25. no problems today. we will have a little cloud cover working through. more sunshine working in through the afternoon as we watch the area of high pressure building in. we will have clouds tomorrow, but we are not expecting problems. sunday is interesting. look at that. the area of low pressure has not developed. it is forecast to develop and trek up the eastern seaboard. it will track far enough that we will be grazed with the new orleans. the mod -- with the nor'easter. the models are pushing it closer to the area. we will have a lot of clouds around here during the day on sunday. the potential for some snow during the day on sunday. stay tuned to fox 5. we will give you the latest updates as we get them. it is too far away. 35 is the high today. mostly sunny skies and warmer than yesterday. winds north and west at 5 miles an hour.
8:34 am
here is the five-day forecast. tomorrow, 36 degrees. there is the cloud cover and possibility of the snow on sunday. 33. cold enough for snow on monday and tuesday. not a lot better with temperatures in the mid-30s. all right. that is the look at the forecast. i'll be back with more details coming up. back to the desk. the terrible weather is causing trouble in minnesota. heavy snow brought down the metrodome. now the white stuff could create problems for monday's game. tom leyden has more. >> reporter: the tale of two stadiums. the old metrodome failing the great in dramatic fashion. sunday morning's cave in of snow and ice and wind ripped three panels and a fourth panel gave way last night. engineers are waiting to see if more panels are in jeopardy.
8:35 am
>> we are trying to determine the best estimate and guess over the compromised panels. >> reporter: the dome is eight years past the original life span. the last inspection showed it was in good condition except for the inner membrane. >> listen up, we will move 10 people at a time. >> reporter: meanwhile at tcf stadium, 300 people worked the shovels at $10 an hour. one guy brought his own snow blower. >> i may assisting well help -- i may as well help out the vikings. >> it is not hard. >> reporter: many were turned away if they did not have a social security number or shovel. they hauled out 25,000 cubic yards of snow. the snow should be cleared
8:36 am
tomorrow afternoon. >> the nfl is confident with the work we have been doing so far on the stadium. including on the field. they are confident that we will give the players a great surface on monday. >> reporter: since rome's coliseum which sat 50,000, some say the collective hopes and ambitions of standing room only. a vivid example of where we have been and where we may be heading. the redskins are having snow troubles. >> they had to move practice indoors. dave ross will join join us with the -- join us with the friday football forecast. stay with us. we'll be right back. i'm master sergeant john cronan. i would liketoo say merry
8:37 am
christmas. we hope to see you real soon. ♪
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let's look at the job of the day. the american bankers association in the district is looking for an administrative
8:40 am
assistant. you can go to for more information on jobs. if you are looking for something to do this weekend. >> we have the fun event at the daughters of the american revolution museum. you can make christmas crackers and ornaments. there is a session at 10:30 and one at 12:30. check out the dance theater's jazz investigation of the nutcracker. that is going on at the holiday show on saturday. you can buy them at the web site. if you ever wanted to cover your car in christmas lights and rudolph's glowing nose, there is a car parade tomorrow
8:41 am
night. the parade starts in georgetown. the best part, it is free. for more information on these events, you can go to our web site at love it. love seeing those. coming up, dave ross will join us with the friday football forecast. we are live this morning at the uso center in the honor guard lounge at the joint base myer henderson hall in fort myer, virginia. we will talk about the troops and the programs. we will introduce you to one incredible individual who made a difference all himself. that is live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
8:42 am

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8:44 am
%c1 the redskins and cowboys match up. dave ross is back to talk about it. >> it seems like some people think it lost its luster. both teams are not so good this
8:45 am
year. it is still the cowboys and redskins. it is the 100th meeting in the regular season. let's take you back at the old footage. this is damon white in 1984. chester manly and dexter green and the redskins rebound in the game. they won it. i remember these games well. >> do you remember the uniforms? maybe that is the trick. >> they had two ties. they played twice in the post season. the redskins won both. if the redskins win on sunday, they sweep the series for the first time since 2004. >> dallas, it doesn't get
8:46 am
bigger. it is all about pride. it is all about tradition. we don't want to go out and lay an egg. >> it doesn't change anything. they are still cowboys and we are still redskins to them. it will be a battle. >> people want you to beat the cowboys. >> you may remember a happy day for the redskins. the first day for mike shanahan. they played in a national spotlight on sunday night football. tony romo is out for the year. he flips the ball into the hands of deangelo hall. he has a flip into the end zone. redskins won 13-7. tony romo is not going to play this sunday. we know he is engaged.
8:47 am
if we have this picture of the former miss missouri. there she is, ladies and gentlemen. candace crawford. she is 24. romo is 30. she is a sports reporter in dallas. i'm sure jessica simpson is upset. >> she moved on. >> he moved on quickly, i would say. >> i bet jessica is bitter. >> she has moved on. >> not a little bitter. >> congratulations to tony. >> are you not taking predictions? >> cowboys win. i'm not trying to be a bad guy. the cowboys are playing more motivated. if the redskins gear up, it is this game. >> thank you, dave. >> thank you. >> stay with fox 5 for the latest on the redskins match up. the coverage starts sunday at 11:00. you can always get the latest
8:48 am
headlines on by clicking on the sports tab. all right. the ufo of metro's mission is to give back -- the uso's mission is to give back to the people who help out the organization. we have holly morris with more. >> reporter: there are a lot of people who help out the uso. right now, i want to talk to you about the power of one volunteer. in talking to him, maybe we can all realize that one person can make a huge difference. this is cliff. he is a uso volunteer. happy holidays to you. >> thank you. >> reporter: how long have you been volunteering? >> 10 years. >> reporter: why did you choose the uso? >> the uso at bwi airport, we visited a bit and we wanted to support the troops. we had hotels by the airport at
8:49 am
that point. we were able to support with the program that we started. it just caught on from there. my family is involved with volunteering with the uso. >> i want to talk about a couple of things. i want to talk about how changing up your holiday party at the company made a difference. >> reporter: we work for choice hotels international. we usually have a departmental lunch. this year, instead of using the money to have a lunch, we actually did a pot luck lunch and took the funds we would have used for the lunch and adopted military kids for the uso program. >> reporter: just because you brought in food instead of purchasing it, how many kids were you able to adopt? >> 14 children. >> reporter: you gave christmas to 14 kids because you used your own kitchen. >> yes. >> reporter: that is giving. i love it. if that is not enough, i want to talk about getting a bike for christmas.
8:50 am
>> a came from a single-parent household. my mother had three boys. funds were tight. bikes were not in the budget. when i was 10 years old, i came down for christmas and under the tree was my first bike. the story behind it, my brother eric worked part-time at a deli. he saved enough money to get me a bright orange 10 speed bike for christmas. it was a special christmas that i have never forgotten. >> reporter: you think lots of kids should get bikes on christmas. >> it is magical. something about getting a bike on christmas is magical. >> reporter: how did you enable military kids to get bikes this year? >> we collected 12 bikes and delivered them to the uso. >> reporter: how did you go about doing that? >> we put together some flyers
8:51 am
and solicited at work and my neighborhood. most folks appreciate the uso. they want to support the soldiers. they are willing to help out. >> reporter: did you actually get people to donate the bikes or money and you purchased the bikes? >> a bit of both. we had a few donations. we went out and purchases and put the bikes together. >> reporter: did you explain to the stores what you were doing? >> i went to wal-mart. i met a guy named stacy at the wal-mart in glen burnie. he helped me get the bikes out of there and gave me a bit of a discount and loaded them in my car. it was a great experience. >> reporter: the moral of the story is if you don't ask, you don't know. >> absolutely. >> reporter: when you deliver the bikes to the uso, does it take you back to the christmas
8:52 am
morning? >> absolutely, it does. it put a smile on my face and my kids were involved and my wife was involved. it was a great feeling. >> reporter: do you think your kids learn from being apart of something like that? >> they do. we hand out care packages for the flights going out at bwi. they do a lemonade stand every year and donate the money. they are involved. >> reporter: cliff, you have taught me how to be a better person. happy holiday. >> thank you. >> reporter: we have a link to the uso's web site at there is time to help out. maybe cliff's story inspired you to support the uso. we will talk about holidays with the troops in the next hour. back to you. thank you. this holiday season, we are featuring a charity or
8:53 am
organization on our show every day. >> today, our fox 5 friend is bright beginnings and mariah is joining us with more on how this organization helped homeless infants and toddlers and preschoolers and families. good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for coming in. >> i'm thrilled to be here. >> tell me about your organization. >> this is a non-profit organization that serves homeless families and children in the district of columbia. i have been associated with bright beginnings for 20 years. first as a volunteer and now i'm in my 9th year on the board of direct -- directors. it is close to my heart. we provide therapy and educational services to, as you said, homeless families with toddlers and infants and preschool children. our goal is to prepare the
8:54 am
children to succeed in kindergarten, just like children who have less challenges in their lives. >> what can you viewers do to get involved? you started as a volunteer yourself. >> we rely heavily on our community to support us by providing educational and therapy services. there are three things that the viewers can do to help. they can donate. it is a non-profit organization. we have to raise the money to provide the services to the children and parents. nothing is too small. every donation helps. we also would love to show the viewers bright beginnings and the happy classroom situation that the situation work in.
8:55 am
we can let the folks come visit and bring their families and tell their friends what the bright beginnings atmosphere is like. they can come assist the teachers in the classroom or read a story to the children. >> that is wonderful. not only do they need the financial support, but emotional support during the holidays. >> absolutely. thank you for what you do. >> it is great to be here. thank you. >> thank you. the holiday season is a happy time for many of us. it can be a source of stress and the cause of depression. >> after 9:00 this morning, we will have a psychologist with us to talk about getting through the stressful season.  
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
law enforcement is on alert. this comes with reports that al- qaeda in iraq is planning to
8:59 am
strike targets in the united states and europe over the holidays. metro is now doing random bag checks. we will have more on what you can expect to see now. and we are still dealing with snow that came down yesterday. we have more winter weather coming our way. good morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm allison seymour. we have several school delays and closings. they are shown at the top of the screen. they are also on tucker is in now to tell us about the forecast for today. by the way, if you are hearing rumbling, we have construction crews working across the street. >> okay. >> it is not the rumble of thunder or anything like that. >> not today. we have been focusing on the slow go on the travel. the snow is beautiful. we have a picture from melissa from our facebook page. kids playing in the snow. th


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